How to photograph The Northern Lights



Welcome to our new eBook – How to photograph The Northern Lights

My name is Catriona and I am the founder of the Photo Academy NI, Ireland’s premier photography training school.

The colourful guide is the perfect entry point in learning how to capture the aurora.   Whether you are an absolute beginner or someone wanting to explore this new genre of photography, this comprehensive eBook will help you improve your work. 

We show you how to use your camera or smartphone settings and modes to take better photos of the Northern Lights.

We will provide you with tips on taking photos, the accessories that you can use and look at editing your images too.

All you need to do is find the ever illusive aurora itself! I encourage you to share your images with me via my social channels on Instagram and Facebook. I love finding out how students are progressing.

Enjoy this guide and most importantly, I hope you get to witness the wonderful waves of light when aurora appears!

Whatever the genre of photography that you are interested in shooting, you need to understand the basics of exposure.  Our How to photograph The Northern Lights eBook provides you with an insight into the aurora itself, when it is the best time to see it and explores the equipment and settings that you need to capture it.  

So what topics do we cover?

  • The Aurora Borealis – what is it?
  • Where to capture the Northern Lights
  • The best times of year to see the aurora
  • Equipment – what do you need when taking shots
  • Camera Settings – what settings do you need to use to see the aurora in her glory
  • How to focus your camera for this genre of photography
  • Using your smartphone to take shots of the Northern Lights

Keep this eBook on your phone for easy access or print it out. It is the perfect travelling companion in your camera bag.

The How to photograph The Northern Lights eBook contains lots of really practical information to help you get the best shots of this amazing phenomenon. 

*** Free Bonus *** anyone who purchases this colourful eBook also receives complimentary attendance to one of our monthly Photo Walks – drop me a message or email throughout the year to book your slot on the walk of your choice.

Best of luck and remember, what you put in, you always get back. So give it your all!

Created by a Professional Photographer and Educator, Catriona from Divine Photography & The Photo Academy NI, the language is easy to understand and ideal for anyone starting on their photography journey.



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