Shooting Stars Kids Photo Club Membership


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Shooting Stars Kids Photo Club Membership – Launching January 2024

Does your child have an interest in photography?

Shooting Stars Photo club will help them take more creative snaps & be the perfect start to their photography journey.

Are they thinking of studying photography?

I have worked with a lot of children and teens who love taking photos with their camera or are already studying GCSE & A level. Our photo club is a great way to stay focused and get in lots of practice.

What does the Shooting Stars photo club offer kids & teens?

Learn the fundamentals – we cover all the basics of photography – exposure, light and composition

Meet new friends – learn in a safe and supportive environment with other children who love photography

Get lots of practice – the monthly challenge is the perfect incentive to keep kids engaged and ensures that learning is embedded

Shooting Stars Kids Photo Club Membership 

Free bonus – an A to Z guide of photography terms

Everyone who joins the shooting stars club will have free access to a range of guides and eBooks, helping them become familiar with the world of photography. I’ve designed a special kids a to z guide of photography terms and words to help them get started. This is included for free in the membership.

Who is the club suitable for?

  • Children aged 7 and above who have an interest in photography and want to take better photos
  • Teens who are either studying or thinking of studying photography for GCSE or A level
  • Children who are thinking of a career as a photographer and want to get started early

Top FAQs

What type of camera is needed to take part?

The content is tailored towards using either an SLR camera, a mirrorless camera or a bridge camera . SLR & mirrorless cameras are the ones with interchangeable lens. Bridge cameras have a fixed lens but allow you to adjust certain exposure settings. If your child’s camera allows you to choose your own exposure settings (aperture, shutter speed & ISO) they will probably get more from the club but it’s not essential.

Do the children get feedback as members of the shooting stars club?

Absolutely! There is a dedicated Facebook group specifically for this purpose where children are encouraged to upload their work. They will receive positive encouragement and support in the group and can also ask questions at any time. They also receive dedicated 1-2-1 critique and feedback on one image each month via email.


Each month, your child will receive a new educational video to watch, outlining a new technique they can try or providing them with information about new technology in the photography world.

We will cover the fundamentals of photography, covering the different types of camera, the importance of light and how to take better images in general. We explore the different exposure settings – Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO, examining what difference they make to your photos.

They will learn about composition, understanding the impact it makes to their work and how they can improve over time.


They will receive invaluable feedback on one of their images each month, on a 1-2-1 basis via email.

Catriona will give positive encouragement and honest constructive critique on ways their photograph can be improved and enhanced.

She will also share her favourite submissions each month in a blog post on The Photo Academy NI website, providing your child with the perfect opportunity to showcase their work.


They will receive a weekly email filled with new ideas to try and news from the photography world


You and your child can attend any of the photo walks for free that Catriona organises around Ireland. These are the perfect opportunity to meet fellow creatives and put your skills into practice. You also get to visit some of Ireland’s most beautiful locations and spend quality time in nature.


Join in the free live that we host each month on Facebook. Ask questions in real time or send them in advance. Whether it’s about your camera equipment, techniques that you want to learn more about or information about where to purchase new equipment, we are here to help.


Join in the monthly challenge to help keep the creativity flowing. At the start of each month, members will receive a new topic to take photos of and entries will be shared on our website and social media. There will be a winner selected by Catriona to recognise their hard work and efforts.

Learn the fundamentals & meet new friends in The Photo Academy NI Shooting Stars kids photo club.

Catriona Corrigan, a professional portrait photographer and educator based in the North of Ireland, has developed the clubs. She has assisted thousands of people in advancing their photography journey through online and in-person training.  Covering a variety of photography-related topics, including Beginners Photography, Smartphone Photography, and Mindful Photography, she works with both adults and children.

Embrace your creative passion and take the first step toward enhancing your technical skills with our exclusive Photo Club.



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