Samsung Smart Cards – Shoot to Skill


Shoot to Skill – Master Photography on the go with Samsung Smart Cards – the perfect reference for amateur photographers with a Samsung Mobile


Welcome to my new eBook – Samsung Smart Cards – Shoot to Skill.  These cards that will help you master your smartphone photography on the go.

We all lead busy lives and it’s hard trying to find useful and accurate information quickly. That’s why I have produced this beginners guide that instantly provides you with the advice you need to get the perfect shot.

After listened to what my students were saying, I got to thinking. They told me that they found it very hard to think about all the different settings and modes when starting out. They were missing shots because they were confused or too slow. If only they had something they could reference as a starting point, it would be very beneficial.

Problem solved! Samsung Smart Cards are the answer.

Keep them on your phone for easy access or print them out. They are the perfect travelling companion in your bag.

The cards cover a wide range of topics and contain lots of really practical information.

Created by a Professional Photographer and Educator, Catriona from Divine Photography & The Photo Academy NI, the language is easy to understand and ideal for anyone starting on their photography journey.

This Beginners eBook is suitable for anyone with a Samsung Smartphone who wants to get the most from it. 

Learn about the different shooting modes – whether you like taking portraits or landscapes, there is something for everyone.  We discuss how to achieve better focus and also how to expose your image properly.  There are tips on composition and how to improve your photography in general plus lots more


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