Natural Light Portrait Photography Workshop

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Natural Light Portrait Photography Workshop – Friday 27th September 2024 – In Person Photography Training

Location – Dungannon, Co Tyrone

Time – 2.30pm until 7pm


Learn the art of natural light portrait photography with The Photo Academy NI, the training arm of Divine Photography.

This Natural Light Portrait Photography Workshop is definitely for you if …

🎯 You want to learn how to improve your composition

🎯 You want to master light – we shoot both indoors and outdoors using natural light.  You will learn how to control and manipulate the light to your advantage, providing you with quality images for your portfolio

🎯 You want to learn how to shoot in Aperture Priority and Manual mode on your camera

6 Week Beginners Photography Course You want to learn about the different lens and how they can improve your work

🎯 You want to learn about accessories that you can use with the camera to control and modify the light

6 Week Beginners Photography Course You want to improve your posing and interaction with people when you are taking their portraits

Taught by a professional portrait photographer (that’s me!), the course will help you take your work to the next level

What happens on the day

We start off the workshop with some theory indoors where we cover different camera modes and settings.   We also discuss the different qualities of light and how you can help your camera take better images by adjusting the white balance setting and metering modes.

Then we go outdoors and you get the opportunity to take images of a real life person.  I’ll help guide and offer 1-2-1 support with your camera and equipment.

After a short break to refresh, we can then pop back outside and capture more images in the beautiful evening golden hour light, closer to sunset.

You will receive a complimentary free guide ‘How to take better portraits’ after the workshop, packed with lots of useful information to help you continue on your portrait photography journey.

** This workshop is suitable for anyone with an SLR, Mirrorless or Bridge Camera **

Why you might prefer in person training? 

You can learn with others – joining a group photography class allows you to meet new people with similar interests to yourself.  Students from my classes tend to form lasting friendships and meet up regularly outside of the course to practice their skills.  It’s a great way to form bonds with fellow photographers and gain knowledge.  You may be able to share accessories, which keeps costs down and try a different lens or camera before you consider purchasing one.

You get feedback – one of the best ways of learning is constructive critique of your work.  When you attend an in-person photography course with The Photo Academy NI, you get feedback on your work which helps you develop as a photographer.  You get positive reinforcement for the photos that turn out brilliantly and some guidance on how to improve any that need a little tweak.

You get to ask questions immediately – when you attend a group session in-person, you get to ask the tutor questions relevant to your camera and skill levels.  As I often tell my students, there is no such thing as a stupid question.  You can confidently and comfortably ask me anything photography related, in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Improves your overall sense of wellbeing – we all need human interaction to maintain positive mental health.  Group learning helps combat loneliness, boost communication skills and provides inspiration.  Photography has always been a therapeutic outlet for me, and a lot of my students have told me that our group sessions have helped them through very challenging periods in their life.

Less reliant on technology – maybe you aren’t the most tech savvy and prefer more hands-on learning.  In-person training makes communication a lot easier for both you and me, enabling us to build a good rapport with each other and your fellow students.


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