6th December 2023
Photography Courses 2024



In our new Spring Photography Courses 2024, we offer a wide range of choices for everyone with an interest in Photography.

Our courses are the perfect stepping stone into the world of photography for absolute beginners. Maybe you are a keen amateur wanting to increase your creativity, boost your skills and grow in confidence.

There are a range of options offered through the whole of Northern Ireland over the coming months, that allow you to try new techniques and develop your artistic flair.

Why should you sign up to one of our courses?

Taking part in a photography course or workshop is an investment in unlocking your creative potential. Classes are structured, providing a solid foundation for you to grow in skills and knowledge. These basics empower aspiring photographers to move beyond auto settings and seize control of their cameras with confidence.

Signing up for one of our photography courses allows you to join a supportive community, facilitating engagement with fellow enthusiasts who share a passion for visual storytelling. As a professional photographer, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, offering guidance to nurture individual growth. Constructive feedback becomes a valuable tool for improvement, accelerating the learning curve.

Photography classes also allow you to experience diverse genres, from portrait and landscape to macro and street photography. This enables you to discover your own unique style.

Ultimately, signing up for a photography course is an investment in self-expression, creativity, and a lifelong skill that will last a lifetime.

Photography Courses 2024
Belfast City Centre – Photography Courses 2024

What type of Photography Courses are available?

There are lots of photography courses to choose from! We have a new 90 Day Photography Bootcamp, starting on January 20th 2024. It is the perfect opportunity for you to kickstart your photography journey. Whether you are an absolute beginner or someone wanting to get back into their craft, our 90 Photography Bootcamp provides you with a clear plan of action, in person training and proven framework to challenge and inspire.

We kick things off on January 20th with our first Bootcamp Meet up – these in-person sessions will take place in Benburb, Co Tyrone.   You will be provided with your Photography Guide before the first meet up and have access to the Learn and Share Photo Club from 20th January for four months.

After each session, you will receive the relevant sections for your personalised camera guide as well as your bonus Northern Lights Photo Guide in January 2024.

You will also be invited to attend one of the Photo Walks planned around Ireland in 2024 as part of the Bootcamp package!

Photography Courses 2024

Learn & Share Photo Club

Join our monthly photography club to help you become a more accomplished photographer.  Pay the initial fee now to join and then you will receive an email with details on how to set up your monthly payment.

Studying photography at school or college and need some extra support or practice?  If the YouTube videos you have watched aren’t sinking in, why not join our learn & share photo club to get camera confident.

Learn in a supportive and motivating environment of likeminded creatives, building your knowledge and skills. You don’t have to have the most expensive photography equipment or be an expert. Our community is open to everyone who has the passion to grow and master the art.

Now is the perfect time to take control of your photography and join our creative community. Learn more here.

Photography Courses 2024

Photo Walk Newcastle

Do you like spending time in nature taking photos?   Would you like the opportunity to explore our beautiful country and take photos with your camera or smartphone?

Then why not enrol on our next Photo Walk Newcastle, Co Down! Taking place on Sunday 28th January from 12 noon until 2pm, you will have the chance to brush up on your photography skills whilst meeting with fellow creatives.

You can sign up by clicking here.

Photo Walk Newcastle
Newcastle, Co Down – Photo Walk – Photography Courses 2024

Photo Fundamentals Kids Photography Course

Develop your child’s passion for photography with our Photo Fundamentals Kids Photography Course. Launching January 2024, this Photo Fundamentals Course is perfect for your child if  …

  1. They have a camera and want to learn how to take better photos with it 
  2. They want to learn the basics of exposure – how to take a properly exposed photograph
  3. They prefer to learn at home, at a time that suits and at their own pace
  4. They have a creative eye and artistic flare and want to develop it
  5. They are aged between 7 and 11

The topics covered include: –

  1. the history of photography
  2. camera modes that help you take better photos
  3. the importance of light and how to use it to your advantage
  4. tips on taking better photos of landscapes
  5. accessories to use with your camera
  6. exposure basics – aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  7. tips for portraits of people
  8. how to take brilliant action shots
  9. FREE BONUS – Composition – where you place things in your photos to make them look better.

You can sign up to the course by clicking here and we will notify you when it goes live next month.

Photo Fundamentals Kids Photography Course

Beginners Photography – One Day Workshop

This one day intensive is ideal for busy people who can’t commit to our 90 Day Bootcamp but want to benefit from in-person learning. Taking place on Saturday 10th February in Dungannon, we will cover all the exposure basics plus look at the different camera modes. You will learn how to shoot in manual mode and improve your focus techniques. Not only will be discuss the different types of lenses and accessories, I’ll provide you with practical tips that have come from years of experience as a professional photographer. You can learn more or sign up to the course by clicking here.

Photography Courses 2024 - Beginners Photography Workshop Northern Ireland

Smartphone Photography Workshop

Would you like to learn how to take better photos with your smartphone? Have you not got to grips with all the different modes and settings in the camera app? On our smartphone photography workshop, you will learn how to focus properly and frame your images better. We will discuss how to take better action shots, family portraits and improve your landscape photography skills. It’s suitable for everyone with a smartphone, whatever the brand.

The workshop takes place on Saturday 9th March 2024 in Dungannon and if you would like to learn more or sign up, simply click here.

Why choose The Photo Academy NI?

I am a full time professional photographer, with a background in coaching and mentoring prior to becoming a photographer. Having studied photography myself, I know what it’s like to start from the beginning when you are trying to find the right coach. There is a plethora of free information on YouTube but it’s not the same as getting that in person lesson where you can ask the questions you need answered

I have taught hundreds of people how to get the most from the camera and improve their skills. Have a look at my main photography page or google reviews where you can see the fantastic feedback I have received over the years. Unlike some courses I’ve purchased in the past, I am generous with my knowledge and don’t hold back. I am driven by passion to inspire others and find it so rewarding watching my students grow in confidence.

So how do you sign up for our Photography Courses 2024?

If you would like to join us for any of the new Photography Courses 2024, simply click on any of the links above or get in touch via the Website or Instagram profile.

Photography Courses 2024
Photography Courses 2024