52 Week Photo Challenge – #52Creative

26th December 2023

Are you ready to take photos more consistently? Then join The Photo Academy NI for our 52 Week Photo Challenge. Maybe you have just got a new camera or smartphone and are keen to get started on your photography journey? Our photo challenge is designed to motivate you and help you flourish as a photographer.

Join our FREE 52 Week Photo Challenge and kick start your photography in 2024!

52 Week Photo Challenge

What are you going to do differently in 2024?

Do you want to start of the year with a new challenge to invigorate you? Become more dedicated to your photography and feel the creative fire in your belly again? Our 52 Week Photo Challenge will encourage you to view the world from a different perspective and make you feel part of a creative community.

How does the 52 Week Photo Challenge work?

Each week in 2024, you will receive a unique photo topic, inspiring you to try new techniques and build a personal portfolio of your work.

You will be encouraged to shoot more consistently and strengthen your creative skills. The weekly topic will either inspire you to explore a theme, try a new skill or experiment with a creative editing.

52 Week Photo Challenge

Why should you take part in our 52 Week Photo Challenge?

Here are a few of the reasons why you should take part in the challenge: –

  1. Consistent Practice – Engage in regular and consistent photography practice throughout the entire year.
  2. Inspiration: Draw inspiration from fellow participants and their unique interpretations of weekly themes.
  3. Accountability: Stay accountable to your photography goals with weekly challenges, motivating you to consistently produce work.
  4. Portfolio Building: Create a diverse and comprehensive portfolio over the course of the year.
  5. Skill Development: Hone your photography skills by tackling a diverse range of challenges and subjects.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Connect with photographers worldwide, opening doors to networking and potential collaborations.
  7. Photographic Journal: Create a visual journal of your year, capturing memories and moments that may otherwise be forgotten.
  8. Boost Confidence: Gain confidence in your abilities as a photographer with each successfully completed challenge.
  9. Feedback Opportunities: Receive constructive feedback from a community of peers, aiding in your growth as a photographer.
  10. Enjoy the Journey: Embrace the journey of growth, learning, and self-discovery as you progress through the 52-week photo challenge.
52 Week Photo Challenge

Who decides on the weekly topics & challenges in 52 Creative?

That would be me, Cat! I am the founder of The Photo Academy NI and a full time professional photographer. My photography business is Divine Photography and I specialised in headshot photography, branding photography and events. I am also the brains behind The Photo Academy NI, creating and facilitating all the courses and workshops that we provide.

Mindful Photography Ireland

My commitment to you …

Staying accountable to your photography can be challenging. I’m as guilty as everyone at times. When I’m busy at work or if it’s raining or cold, it’s too easy to put the feet up and leave the camera in it’s case. That’s why I am also embarking on our 52 week photo challenge with you. Not only will it keep me focused on my own personal photography, I get to do it with a group of likeminded creatives. So join me in exploring the artistry, inspiration, and sheer joy that photography brings.

Our 52 Week Photo Challenge will allow you to produce your very own 2024 visual time capsule. Documenting your own personal journey, chronicling your experiences and personal growth throughout the year in your photographs.

52 Week Photo Challenge

How do you take part?

Simply click on this link and sign up for the 52 Week Photo Challenge. Each week, you will receive an email in 2024 with your challenge topic.

You then have until the following Sunday to take your weekly image and submit it to the project. You have the choice of emailing your image to me by replying to the email. Or you can share your image on Instagram and tag @thephotoacademyni.

Just think how fantastic it be will be at the end of the year when you look back at the legacy of your work.

This year, we are doing things slightly differently. I’m going to share my favourite image each week, selecting it from everyone who takes part.

At the end of each month, I’m going to share the top 5 images from the month and allow The Photo Academy NI’s followers to choose their favourite.

To finish up the year, all the monthly winners (12 in total), will have the chance to win the title of Image of the Year.

The final 12 images will be shared online and the overall winning image selected. The winner will receive a framed print of their photograph and a 2 hour mentoring session with me.

Photo Academy NI

How will you stay focused and consistent?

I know how hard it can be to keep on track, particularly when life gets busy or things get in the way. Photography is a fantastic therapeutic way to stay grounded and present in the moment. Even if you miss a week, there is no pressure. Just come back to it when you are ready. No judgement and no failure. We are here to support and encourage you.

Maybe you have tried other projects in the past and lost momentum. Our 52 Week Photo Challenge is packed with creative inspiration throughout the year, keeping you focused on fun.

So, if you are ready to kickstart 2024 with something fresh and different, sign up for our 52 Creative project. Give your skills and talent the dedication they deserve and commit to shooting consistently this year.

Here are some of the entries from our 52 Creative Challenge in 2023